Our Vision & Values

About our vision and values

Our long established and proven culture and values underpin the delivery of our core strategic objectives. Risk management is at the heart of our robust governance framework. Our values are strongly influenced by the recognition of our responsibility to a range of key stakeholders including policyholders, regulators, employees and our investors.

cultural pillars

Maintain adequate financial resources

Fair Treatment of Customers

Provide a Competitive Return to Our Shareholders

Robust Regulatory Compliance


Maintain adequate financial resources Effective capital management underpins all of our cultural and strategic objectives. We consider financial stability to be a key aspect of treating customers fairly.
Fair treatment of customers The fair treatment of customers across the Group is our primary responsibility. It’s a foundation of the Chesnara business strategy as it promotes stronger relationships with our customers and regulators. When applying the terms of our customer contracts, coupled with the developing guidance from local regulators on the application of policy conditions, it is important that we take account of the treatment of our customers while balancing the interests of our other stakeholders. In addition to policyholder outcomes we see protecting the financial stability of the business as a whole and the provision of good service levels as key requirements.
Provide a competitive return to our shareholders As a public company it is imperative that we offer an attractive investment case. Given the majority of our investors hold our shares in 'income funds', it is important that we deliver an attractive and sustainable dividend. We also recognise the benefits of being a 'low maintenance' investment, offering clarity and consistency of performance.
Robust regulatory compliance Working constructively with our regulators and complying with regulatory requirements is imperative to the delivery of our objectives. Chesnara’s Directors share the regulators’ desire for robust and responsible governance.
Responsible risk-based management Risk taking is a key part of our business model, taking the "right risks" and managing them well is essential to our success. We achieve this by understanding the key risk drivers of the business plan and strategy, and by making sure we monitor these risks and take appropriate risk-based decisions in a timely fashion, for the benefit of all of our stakeholders.

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